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The National Data Strategy is intrinsically related to its European counterpart, the European Data Strategy, which aims to create a single European data space – a true single data market, open to data from around the world – in that personal and non-personal data, including sensitive business data, is secure and companies have easy access to an almost infinite amount of high quality data from all sectors that drive growth and create value while minimizing the carbon and environmental footprint. 

The ambition of the National Data Strategy is to ensure that Portugal is one of the pioneer countries in participating in the European data ecosystem, enhancing the value and use of data in the creation of services and products, in Portugal and across borders.


The National Data Strategy will have to continue and strengthen national initiatives regarding open data and the reuse of public sector information, whose general principles are approved in Law No. the internal legal order of Directive (EU) 2019/1024 of June 20, 2019. This vector of the strategy has been materialized by the open data initiative promoted by the Agency for Administrative Modernization through, which already provides a wide range of data from various public bodies that can be accessed in an open way, with the very clear intention that they boost economic, social and environmental development. 

Ongoing Plan

For this purpose, a Working Group will be created composed of representatives from different public and private entities, academia and experts of recognized value. This group will be responsible for the development of a National Data Strategy and will be coordinated by an individual of recognized merit.


This working group will also be responsible for developing the National Data Strategy action plan.


This strategy is expected to be published for public consultation and subsequent publication during 2022.

Responsible Body

The coordination of the Working Group and the National Data Strategy is the responsibility of INCoDe.2030.