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INCoDe.2030 is strongly committed to respecting and ensuring the privacy of its website’s users and the security of their personal data. Within the scope of its activities and, in particular, in the digital communication instruments it uses, INCoDe.2030 assumes and recognizes as essential a commitment to:
  • Respect for the privacy of this site’s users and careful selection, and within the previously ascertainable, of the contents made available here;
  • Compliance with the principle of minimization in terms of the collection and processing of personal data, limiting it to what is strictly necessary to successfully complete the action presented and requested;
  • In cases of processing personal data, strict compliance with the provisions of this document and with the legislation and other recommendations issued by the competent entity, in terms of privacy and protection of personal data;
  • No-use of personal data for purposes other than those that have been identified and previously communicated;
  • Processing of your personal data taking into account the security and protection measures that appear to be necessary and applicable.
In order to guarantee a holistic, systematic and clear view of the policies adopted by INCoDe.2030 in terms of privacy and protection of personal data, it is considered connected to this Privacy Policy: Website terms of use The access to  contents available on the INCoDe.2030 website is subject to the express acceptance of these terms of use:
  • The introduction, alteration or deletion of information made available on this website, made by the user without the due consent of INCoDe.2030, the interference in the computer system that supports it, in order to hinder or disturb its operation and, in general, all behaviors that reflect the practice of computer-related crimes are prohibited and punishable under the law.
  • The user also undertakes to scrupulously comply with the applicable legislation, namely in terms of cybercrime, intellectual property rights and industrial property rights, being exclusively responsible for the violation of these directives.
  • The user is not allowed to restrict or inhibit another user from accessing this site and the services available on it.
  • The user is not allowed to collect, record or keep information about other users in order to send unsolicited communication.
  • The user is allowed to copy, import or use the contents of this site for personal or public use with no charge, as long as they have no lucrative or offensive purposes.
  • Links to third party pages are provided for utility only. INCoDe.2030 disclaims any responsibility for the content made available on these pages. When the user accesses the websites of other entities, even from the websites under the responsibility of INCoDe.2030, they should read the respective Privacy Policies.
  •  Access to content and features that require access credentials is reserved for their holders.
  • The access credentials referred to in the previous point are personal and non-transferable, so they must not be provided to third parties. INCoDe.2030 assumes no responsibility for the incorrect management of credentials by users.
  •  INCoDe.2030 is not responsible for any damages caused by the information made available on its website and by its operation, unless they result from intent or gross negligence.

User responsibility

Users are responsible for providing reliable information to INCoDe.2030 and also for using INCoDe.2030 services in compliance with the rules of use and the rights of third parties. Users are also responsible for the use of usernames, passwords, access codes and any other elements used to access the services provided by INCoDe.2030, which are personal and non-transferable, and it is up to them to ensure their confidentiality and prevent their use by third parties. Users must adopt additional security measures, namely, ensure that they use an updated PC and browser in terms of properly configured security patches, with active firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware.  

Processing of personal data

Some services available on the INCoDe.2030 website require users to consent to the processing of their personal data, namely when submitting applications and suggestions, so in these cases, only personal data strictly necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected are processed. Users’ personal data may also be processed when necessary for the purposes of complying with legal obligations that apply to INCoDe.2030, which includes, in particular, the need to develop and maintain the website www.incode2030.gov.pt with the desired quality and security, contribute to the prevention and detection of fraud, allow the notification of situations or events associated with the security of INCoDe.2030, networks or information. Additionally, personal data associated with browsing the website www.incode2030.gov.pt will be processed, in accordance with the Cookie Policy. Personal data will be collected [in writing, by telephone, through forms available on the website], from their holders. Within the scope of its activity, INCoDe.2030 collects and processes personal data relating to the following categories: identification data, contact data, qualification data, professional data, bank data and image data. Personal data from minors will not be collected without obtaining the respective prior consent of a person with parental responsibility (e.g. a parent or guardian), through direct offline contact.  

Rights of data subjects

As a data subject, you may exercise, within the limits of the law, the following rights:
  • Right to access your personal data;
  • Right to rectify the respective personal data that are inaccurate or incomplete;
  • Right to erasure of the respective personal data;
  • Right to limit the processing of your personal data;
  • Right of portability of your personal data;
  • Right to object to the processing of your personal data;
  • Right to complain to National Data Protection Commission (www.cnpd.pt), if you consider any of the listed rights to be violated.

Data transfer

Your personal data may be communicated or transferred to judicial authorities and entities to whom the law assigns powers in terms of criminal investigation, or whose mission is to monitor or prevent compliance with legislation in the field, namely the protection of consumer rights, intellectual property, communication, security, public health and general business practices. Only strictly necessary personal data will be communicated and transferred. The subcontracting entities that process personal data on behalf of INCoDe.2030, are required to present, in writing, sufficient guarantees of the execution of the technical and organizational measures appropriate to comply with the legislation in force in terms of privacy and protection of personal data. and that ensure the defense of the data subject’s rights. For the provision of certain services by INCoDe.2030, it may be necessary to transfer personal data outside Portugal, including outside the European Union and/or to international organizations. In these circumstances, INCoDe.2030 undertakes to strictly comply with the applicable legal provisions regarding the suitability of the destination country(ies) with regard to the protection of personal data and the requirements imposed on such transfers, including, whenever required, the execution of adequate contractual instruments that guarantee and respect the legal requirements in force.  

Conservation periods

Personal data are kept in a way that allows the identification of data subjects only for the period necessary for the purposes for which they are processed, without prejudice, among others, to compliance with legal obligations that impose a certain retention period or the exercise of the legitimate rights and interests of the controller. INCoDe.2030 will keep the personal data of the holders for the period necessary for the purposes that motivated the collection, plus the legal periods for preserving the information arising from national legislation and the prescription and expiry periods for the exercise of rights that, in the case, may be applicable.  

Measures taken to ensure the security of personal data

To ensure the protection of personal data, INCoDe.2030 implements strict, internationally recognized rules that apply to everyone who legally handles personal data. Technical and organizational security measures are implemented in order to protect the personal data that are made available to INCoDe.2030, namely through the use of protected data networks, in accordance with industry standard firewall protection and keyword protection. INCoDe.2030 continually reviews the quality and information security practices it adopts in order to ensure, on the one hand, its continuous improvement, and on the other hand, it monitors new cyber threats and implements the necessary countermeasures.

Notice and Complaint

Without prejudice to sending a direct notification to INCoDe.2030, through the contacts indicated below, you can complain directly to the National Data Protection Commission (www.cnpd.pt), using the contacts provided by this entity for this purpose.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you have any recommendations or comments to improve the quality of our Privacy Policy, please send us an email to geral@incode2030.pt.