Organisation, promotion and monitoring of the programme

The Portugal INCoDe.2030 initiative is structured as an integrated programme for Portugal, bringing together and encouraging collaboration between people with different experience and knowledge as well as multiple public and private organisations.

An Observatory for Digital Competences has been set up by the Directorate-General for Statistics in Education and Science (DGEEC), which, in collaboration with the National Institute for Statistics (INE), will monitor and report on the programme’s development, taking into account the following indicators: access, human capital, use and investment.

The promotion and coordination of INCoDe.2030 will involve three permanent bodies:

  • The National Forum for Digital Competences, which is responsible for gathering and coordinating a broad range of private and public companies and institutions to ensure widespread mobilisation for the initiative, as well as of organising an annual conference in which the developments in each line of action will be presented and analysed in the context of national and international success stories and good practices.
  • The INCoDe.2030 Coordination Structure, which oversees the lines of action and also the initiative as a whole, promoting and coordinating the activities in each action line to guarantee a common focus and purpose, updating the general and specific goals and objectives.
  • The INCoDe.2030 Technical Secretariat, which monitors, records and reports on the implementation of all the planned activities, developing the necessary platforms for their development and communication, in close articulation with the Coordination Structure and the Forum for Digital Competences.




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