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António Leite


Executive Coordinator – Action Line 2

Graduated in Modern Languages and Literatures from FLUP - Faculdade de Letras Universidade do Porto. Professor since November 1983. Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Employment and Professional Training Institute, since january 2020, and Executive Coordinator of action line 2 (Qualification and Requalification) of INCoDe.2030.

He performed, among others, the following functions: Nacional Director of FENPROF and CGTP (1992 to 2000); Director of two teacher training centers and Schools (1993 to 2000 and 2002 to 2005); Vice president of the Instituto Irene Lisboa (1997 to 2000); Adviser to the Secretary of State for Education and the Secretary of State for Educational Administration (2000 to 2002); deputy Regional Director of Education for the North (2005 to 2009): Northern Regional Director of Education (2009 to 2011); Northern Regional Delegate of the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (2016 to 2020).



Rua Latino Coelho, nº 13, 5º piso
1050-132 Lisboa

+351 211 336 464