Main Action Lines

The INCoDe.2030 is developed through initiatives promoted by public and private entities, which are the responsibility of different government areas, and presents itself as an aggregator of those entities and the various initiatives with converging objectives, organizing itself around the following five action lines and ensuring transversally the promotion of gender equality, deconstructing stereotypes in the technological area and promoting equal opportunities:

Training of young people through the reinforcement of digital skills at all levels of qualification and education and training modalities.

Professional training of adults, namely active people, endowing them with digital skills valued in the integration and reintegration into the labor market and with a view to qualifying employment and creating greater added value in the economy.

Training and generalization to the entire population and the entire territory of access to digital technologies, for obtaining information, for communication and for accessing and using digital public and private services.

Promotion of higher-level training, reinforcing the offer of higher professional technical courses in this area, as well as graduate and post-graduate training of a professional nature.

Guarantee of conditions for the production of new knowledge, namely in disruptive technologies and active participation in international R&D networks and programs.




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