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PTSOC launches Business Continuity Management course on the NAU Platform

PTSOC launches Business Continuity Management course on the NAU Platform

The .PT Security Operations Center – PTSOC -, with the support of the INCoDe.2030 initiative, launches a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Business Continuity Management, which will be available from the 13th of December, on the NAU platform.

At a time when cyberattacks are a constant threat, it is essential that organizations protect their vital activities, defining strategies and drawing up business continuity plans. In this course, participants will learn to detect and evaluate risks that may affect their activities, and to develop, test and execute a Business Continuity Management plan.

This year, INCoDe.2030 published on the NAU Platform a collection of nine courses on digital skills, which integrate different objectives and levels. The training is available to all interested parties, with the aim of developing digital skills in society, training the Portuguese population for a future that is increasingly closer. In October, the Cybersecurity Risk Management in Organizations course was launched, which is open to all interested parties, and we have now added this new course on Business Continuity Management.

Through MOOCs it is possible to communicate on a large scale, providing citizens with the most relevant learning, which responds to their needs and, increasingly, to the needs of the companies where they work. For this reason, NAU has been, from the beginning, an integral part of the transversal actions of INCoDe.2030, by promoting digital development, digital inclusion and literacy, education and qualification of the active population.

Registration is now open here, and the course will be available for free from December 13th.

More information at www.nau.edu.pt and ptsoc.pt.

Business Continuity Management MOOC teaser video available here.