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Ponto Digital

Ponto Digital launches national campaign: get digital!

The Ponto Digital platform has just launched a national campaign with the slogan “Don’t block. Make an update. Digitize yourself!”

Previously known only as Digital skills and Jobs and celebrating its first anniversary, the platform has changed its name to Ponto Digital | Digital skills and Jobs, and domain for www.pontodigital.pt, to make it more accessible to everyone, with a name in Portuguese and, therefore, closer to the target audience.

On this platform you can find information about initiatives, good practices, studies, resources, events, news, training, job offers, financing opportunities. With the aim of spreading awareness and use of this platform, which could be useful to anyone, we launched this publicity campaign.

On October 30th, at the Digital Skills Forum, the National Map of Digital Training Initiatives was launched, which is now also available at Pontodigital.pt.

The campaign will be present on television, radio, ATMs, press websites and INCoDe.2030 digital channels.

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