Portugal INCoDe.2030



“Digitally” program distinguished with the seal “an INCoDe.2030 action”

The “Digitalmente” program was recognized with the seal “an INCoDe.2030 action”, in the areas of education and inclusion.

This program, promoted by “Mentes Empreendedoras”, mapped digital literacy needs in young people aged 12 to 18, in the 3rd Cycle of Secondary and Professional Education, in two school groups, in the Municipality of Portalegre.

Throughout the training, which responded to the identified needs, topics such as digital reputation, human rights in the digital age, including the right to protection against disinformation and the right to be forgotten, responsible and ethical sharing on the internet were addressed, having been A total of 543 students were trained.

The result assessed by the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon was significantly surpassed with a success rate of 142.5%. Of the students who responded at the initial and final moment of data collection, 342 advanced from basic to intermediate or advanced level, following the Dynamic Digital Competence Reference Framework for Portugal.

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