Portugal INCoDe.2030


Mapa Iniciativas Incode2030

INCoDe.2030 brings together more than 1200 digital training initiatives on a national map

  • National Map of Digital Training Initiatives available at www.pontodigital.pt
  • 54% of initiatives are available free of charge
  • 57% of training is carried out online and 43% in person

There are 1,227 digital training initiatives across the country, most of which are available free of charge. The numbers appear in the new National Map of Digital Training Initiatives, launched this Monday, during the Digital Skills Forum, following a survey carried out by INCoDe.2030.

The Map is available on the Ponto Digital platform, at www.pontodigital.pt, and shows initiatives, at local, regional or national levels, focused on training people, institutions and companies to prepare for digital. The objective is to simultaneously facilitate the consultation of training opportunities, as well as the dissemination of the offer made available by public bodies, companies and skills centers.

Mapa data shows that the North region has the largest training offer, while the Lisbon Metropolitan Area has the largest number of initiatives dedicated to digital training. The majority of the offer (54%) is free. 57% of all training offered is carried out online, with the remaining 43% being face-to-face.

INCoDe.2030 believes that, by aggregating all training opportunities and initiatives on a single map, it contributes to greater visibility and easier identification and decision-making, for accurate bets in this field. “This survey is just a starting point. The Map gives everyone a clearer idea of ​​what already exists throughout the country, which regions are best served and which regions still need to diversify the offer. This knowledge is essential for us to evaluate the path we have taken so far and to take consistent steps to meet national and European goals in the digital domain”, says Luisa Ribeiro Lopes, General Coordinator of INCoDe.2030.

On the Ponto Digital platform, where this Map is included, free diagnostics for digital skills, information on the offer of training, employment or sources of financing for digital projects and useful data on the various initiatives, projects or national plans for this area are available.

The Digital Skills Forum is the culmination of Digital Skills Month. With the motto #tratarodigitalportu, the government area of ​​Digitalization and Administrative Modernization, within the scope of INCoDe.2030, carried out several actions in the programs that, in Portugal, are working to promote the digital skills of citizens.