Portugal INCoDe.2030



Digital Citizenship Center distinguished with the seal “an INCoDe.2030 action”

The Digital Citizenship Center (CCD) was awarded the seal “an INCoDe.2030 action”, being aligned with 3 of INCoDe.2030’s areas of activity: education, training, qualification and requalification, and inclusion.

CCDs are collaborative spaces for providing technological tools, where citizens, of different age groups and origins, are invited to identify innovative strategies and solutions to problems in their daily lives, their community and/or the world.

Through the School Support Center, it aims to ensure access to digital technologies for everyone: Children and young people, teachers and guardians and non-teaching staff. This is a project that ensures everyone’s access to digital technologies.

CCD action also supports adults, increasing their digital skills and, consequently, their skills for employability, entrepreneurship, civic participation and the digital economy. Finally, the inclusion of seniors in CCD activities seeks to increase their civic participation, train them for the digital economy and provide intergenerational activities as a way of promoting active aging.

Planning for the 6th Edition (2023/2024) is underway and to date more than 8,000 people have directly benefited from the CCD, which is prepared to welcome all citizens, free of charge, who want to learn and participate.

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