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Roteiro INCoDe.2030 – Capacitação Digital - Turismo

Next session of the INCoDe.2030 Roadmap dedicated to “Tourism”

Portimão will host the next session of the INCoDe.2030 Roadmap – Digital Training, on October 10th, starting at 9 am, at the Portimão Museum.

This session will be dedicated to the theme of “Tourism” and will give voice to local initiatives, but also to emblematic projects that promote digital training in Portugal, and which have the support of INCoDe.2030.

The INCoDe.2030 Roadmap is touring the whole country, focusing on a multitude of themes. He has already visited Sines, São Miguel, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Santarém, Aveiro, Viana do Castelo, Covilhã, Tomar and Funchal where the themes of Cybersecurity, Sea, Citizenship and Digital Sovereignty, Education, Health, Smart Cities, Disruptive Technologies were discussed , Higher Education, Sustainability and Digital Commerce.

In parallel, face-to-face workshops will take place, with mandatory registration:

PTSOC & PSP| Cybersecurity Challenges & Best Practices – workshop aimed at companies, organizations and all professionals. It aims to contribute to greater awareness and training on Cybersecurity issues, by identifying the main risks and threats of using cyberspace in the national context and sharing good practices and safe behavior in the use of technology and digital.

Apps For Good (only for teachers) – this workshop aimed at teachers who teach any subject area, from 5th to 12th grades, intends for participants to obtain information about the innovative pedagogical approach of Apps for Good and to experience some dynamics: creation of an idea , app prototype design and communication of an idea (pitch).

During the morning, there will also be two workshops aimed at schools:

Engineers for a day – workshop aimed at students of school age. The Engenheiras Por Um Dia Program encourages non-higher education students to opt for engineering and technology (STEM), deconstructing the idea that these are male domains.

Computational Thinking | ENSICO – workshop aimed at students of school age. ENSICO promotes a class that encourages young people’s computational thinking, through a notebook that allows them to understand the concepts behind a computer.


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Roteiro Incode2030 Capacitação Digital - Turismo