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Professional Fullstack Online Web Programmer Course

Promoter – Codemaster

Action – Professional Fullstack Online Web Programmer Course

Description – CodeMaster’s Professional Fullstack Web Programmer Course is a training action based on practical teaching, which trains programmers from zero to an advanced level, which is the level at which students acquire the key skills necessary for the entry into the avid job market of fullstack web programmers.

The CodeMaster course responds to the needs of the population in the following way:

1. Allows professional change, reconversion and retraining.

 2. It even allows the training of recent graduates in computer engineering, since the degree does not confer practical skills so that they can become programmers, according to what they themselves have reported to us.

  3. Access to the CodeMaster course does not impose prior requirements or application exams, thus allowing a wide range of the population to take the course.

  4. The course trains in a wide range of technologies, including setting up programming for mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.

  5. Because the CodeMaster course is online in real time, it allows any student to attend it regardless of the geographical area where they are, just having a computer with Internet access.

  6. Helping to integrate students into the job market, by submitting their contacts with prior authorization from interested parties, to national and multinational companies that are looking for our trainees.

Educational method:

    1. Training is hands-on. It consists of a large amount of real exercises, because they are extracts from projects that were made for end customers of the MediaMaster Group, from which the CodeMaster School originated.

    2. The trainers are professional programmers in the MediaMaster Group. Therefore, they teach what they work on and transfer part of their professional experience to the students.

    3. We accompany students inside and outside classes

What we present here already stems from confirmation by practice, since we have already trained dozens of students. All past courses were INCoDe.2030 actions.

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