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Educational event “Bot Olympics” distinguished with the seal “an action INCoDe.2030”

Educational event “Bot Olympics” distinguished with the seal “an action INCoDe.2030”

The “Bot Olympics” event was recognized with the seal “an INCoDe.2030 action and will take place from the 4th to the 7th of May in Coimbra.

This educational event aims to make known the world of robotics, in a more fun and simple perspective, to captivate the youngest. For the eighth edition, 200 participants are expected from schools across the country, 50 staff members and 25 mentors.

This competition has three tests, taking place simultaneously: one dedicated to basic education, one to secondary and another to higher education. The event takes place in the “hackathon” style for four days, where participants will have to develop ways to achieve the objectives of each of the events in which they are inserted. The final is played in the central square of Alma Shopping, in Coimbra.

On May 6th, the UC Women Robotics Afternoon will be promoted, with the aim of publicizing the STEM areas, among the female audience and encouraging the presence of women in these areas. On this day, the Bot Kids will also take place, which allows children to learn about robotics through interactive demonstrations.

The event will also have several surprises for participants, such as demonstrations, talks, workshops and lightning challenges, enhancing contact with Coimbra and the academy.

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