Portugal INCoDe.2030


Portuguese coalition for digital employability debate study for digital employability and the digital coalition platform – Digital Skills and Jobs

The study for the employability of future non ICT professions aims to respond to the demands of the labor market, as a process for the digital transition adaptation in the Portuguese’s economy. Therefore, it sought to identify 51 priority occupations that would benefit from Digital Skills qualification in a time period of 3 to 6 years. It also provide the definition of a framework of digital abilities that allow the design of skills based on different levels of expertise, which ensure the construction of training paths for each of the occupational profiles.

The future Digital Coalition – Digital Skills and Jobs platform was also announced. This portal aims to be a repository of initiatives, best practices, studies, resources, events, news, training, jobs, funding opportunities in the field of digital skills, and to make a direct connection between Portugal and the European Union.

Currently, there are 8 countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain) that already have their website connected to the European platform, contributing with relevant content on digital skills. Portugal will join this list of countries at the end of September, with the launch of a national platform.