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86.000 NEW GRADUATES IN 2019/2020

The number of higher education graduates grew for the fourth consecutive year and reached a new annual maximum, with 57% in STEAM areas (Science, Technologies, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and there was a 20% growth in diplomas in information and communication.

According to data released by the General Directorate of Statistics in Education and Science – DGEEC with reference to higher education courses/cycles, the following results stand out:

58% of new diplomas were awarded to women;

64% of new diplomas were awarded to students aged between 21 and 24 (54,802 diplomas);

65% of diplomas were completed in higher education (55,622 diplomas), an increase of 5% compared to the previous year;

– Diplomas for polytechnic education grew by more than 7% compared to the previous year and included 30,117 diplomas, representing 35% of the total;

81% of diplomas were completed in public higher education (i.e., 69,806 diplomas), growing by 5% over the previous year. Private Higher Education diplomas grew by 9% over the previous year;

61% of diplomas refer to Degrees (i.e., 52,832 diplomas), growing by around 8% compared to the previous year;

– The total of Masters represents 30% of all diplomas, including 2nd cycle masters (18,200, 21% of the total) and Integrated Masters (8,035, 9%);

  – Higher Professional Technical Courses (CTeSP) grew by around 15% and reached 4,791 diplomas, representing 6% of the total number of diplomas;

1,940 new PhDs were awarded, representing 2.3% of the total number of diplomas and continuing to decrease compared to previous years due to the reduction of PhD scholarships funded between 2012 and 2015;

– Diplomas in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) grew by 20% and stood out with the most expressive evolution, namely at the level of CTeSP;

The total of the STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) represents around 57% of the total awarded diplomas, with 48,598 diplomas.

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