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Capacitate the working population by providing them with the knowledge they need to become a part of a labour market that relies heavily on digital competences.

The need for ICT competences in the labour market has been growing very significantly; and, despite the still-high unemployment rates, particularly youth unemployment, the response to these needs has not been enough. The disparity between the needs of the labour market and the availability of qualified professionals requires a multi-faceted intervention to reinforce ICT training, particularly to meet the demanding challenges of the progressive digitisation of business activities and industry (i.e. “Industry 4.0”).

Thus, in the immediate future, it is a priority to train intermediate-level technicians in well-defined areas, aimed at specific economic sectors. These sectors have to be involved in the process, by creating a network of academies and digital labs, providing internships, and creating spaces for joint/collaborative training.

At the same time, professional re-training in digital competences should not be neglected. There is a need for intensive ICT and advanced training preparation for teachers and educators, whether the education leads to a degree or not, both for the economic sectors, and for the cultural sectors and Public Administration in general.